Monday, 12 November 2007

I'm a celebrity.....?

Right, who the hell are these people:

Gemma Atkinson
Janice Dickinson
Jason 'J' Brown (Joker, Jackass, Jerk, etc....)
Lynne Franks
Rodney Marsh
Anna Ryder Richardson
Cerys Matthews
John Burton Race
Marc Bannerman

Apparently, they're "Celebrities", ie. a breed of shitesters desperately seeking adoration and for whom the very essence of being is to be "Known". There is a saying, those that can do, those that can't become Celebrities. Well this lot can't so I suppose it makes them perfect fodder for yet another reality show (X-Factor and Celebrity Come Dancing are still showing....zzzzzzzz). Right now I wouldn't like to bet who'll win, partly because I don't give a toss and also because it'll be down to the lazy sponging couch potatoes who form the ranks of the Gainfully Unemployed to decide. Sorry, is that a bit harsh? Of course, my mistake, they're all busy making their money by dealing drugs and flogging half price Sky cards down the local (where they also spend their dole money). This country's gone mad for supporting lazy goodfornothings who deserve nothing less than to lose their benefits and be told to get back on their feet and work for a fucking living. At least the Celebrities realise they need to do something, even if it does involve adverts for Iceland (oops, she was c.2004).
Well I'm sure I'll have plenty more to say about it as the series continues (not that I watch it, of course!), perhaps there'll be a surprise appearance (maybe, even, a Celebrity...?) and maybe, oh I hope so, maybe they'll be asked to eat some mucky stuff from the jungle....? Is this what TV has come to?

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