Saturday, 24 November 2007

Heathrow expansion

It's finally arrived, the Heathrow Consultation. Basically it's about prolonging the biggest national disgrace in the UK, the loathed London Heathrow airport, and attempting to desperately hang onto the claim to be the "busiest airport in the world".....a bit like Clapham Junction, which claims to be the "busiest train station in Britain", I do wonder why this is something to be proud of...? We've got a wonderfully busy road around here that goes by the name of the M25 but I've yet to see a single sign boasting about the log jam that frequently occurs around it.

I'm not a big fan of Heathrow, and even less so when you consider the shambolic rise to fame it has enjoyed courtesy of successive governments (involving, no doubt, plenty of payoffs, er, expenses, sorry...). Noise and pollution concerns seem to play second fiddle to (apparent) benefits to the economy and national interest.

Heathrow cannot be allowed to expand

So: What can we do?
First, go to and fill in the response form. Be honest, if some of the plans don't impact you then don't pretend they do - but make sure you're clear what the plans mean. I've got some links on the side of my blog for more info.
Second, write to your MP and make it clear what your views are.
Third, tell people about the plans and make sure your neighbours and friends actually know what's in the pipeline.

More to follow......

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