Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Premiership football is premier shit

It's a long time since I ever really enjoyed watching a game of football, and I suppose I began to wonder why. After all, isn't it the Beautiful Game, turning on a sixpence, all that stuff? 1966 and all that, we are a great footballing nation so why don't I share the enthusiasm? Quite simply, it's run by, played by, and watched by, wankers. Complete wankers. Tossers. You only have to go to a game (or, as I did, watch a few minutes of Liverpool v. Spurs in a pub the other day) to realise that it now attracts the sort of mindless thugism that the great working class, for whom the sport is surely dedicated, would look down on. In the UK the Premiership is watched by a new class, a middle class pretending to be "street" and only to happy to call the referee a wanker in front of their 10 year old kid. It's as if the blokes watching footy relish the chance to act like a child again (perhaps they're the same crowd that form part of that perverse group that enjoy wearing nappies and playing baby for mummy during a shady weekend away in Bognor...you know who you are ;) ) You're all a bunch of twats, hope the season ticket busts your bank - who knows, one day you might grow up. Idiots. As for the players, well, don't get me started....

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